International Yoga Asana Champion Youth 2013


Dear Kabir Samlal,

I want to congratulate you for your recent participation in the International Yoga Sports Federation (“IYSF”) 2013 International Championship.  Your performance was truly amazing and was a wonderful gift to all those who had the opportunity to watch.  We are very fortunate that you chose to participate – it is IYSF’s mission to encourage the participation of athletes like you.

While every effort is made to ensure that the scoring results for each event are completely accurate and reflective of the competition rules, occasionally mistakes are made.  In the case of the Male Youth event, a mistake appears to have been made in scoring the first place competitor.  For this, I, and the entire IYSF organization, offer you our sincere and deep apologies.

The IYSF has conducted a review of the event.  The only questions that have been raised pertain to whether the athlete was improperly judged.  The IYSF rules do not permit overturning a result, and once they have turned in their final scores the judging panel is discharged so it is also not empowered to reverse their decision.

However, in this particular case, as has been discussed, approved and agreed to by you, on a non-precedential basis the Management Committee of IYSF has unanimously approved naming you the 2013 International Yoga Asana Champion youth male.  You will also be invited to demonstrate a yoga asana routine at next year’s World Championships, and we will provide you with a stipend toward your travel and your coach’s travel for the event.  As discussed, we find this the solution for all parties involved while maintaining integrity of the sport.

The IYSF has taken this episode as a sign that it must strengthen its rulebook and its judges’ education, training, and certification program.  In that regard, the IYSF President will this week be appointing a new IYSF Technical Commission to advance judging standards and rules and to report back to the IYSF with their recommendations before the  2013-14 season commences.

We again congratulate you on your excellent performance and we look forward to seeing you return to competition in IYSF events.


Rajashree Choudhury

IYSF President



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