Kabir’s Kids Yoga – story using yogaposes written by Kabir 2014



Salute the sun.

Look up.

And jump high to reach the sun

Feel the energy flow as you warm up


* You are a beautiful tree, with your feet strongly rooted in the earth. You oversee the world without judgment, as you grow taller by stretching your arms towards the sky.

In the tree sits an eagle and as a majestic eagle you set your goal to fly high. Your arms and legs are folded gracefully and it looks like you are just staring but you are not, you are in total control. Like a balancing stick forming the capital T. Try but don’t forget to breath.

*You are a spying cobra eager to strike.  Your lower body becomes one with the ground while your upper body is doing the work by raising up dramatically and opening your chest. Where is your prey?

The cobra spies on the rabbit so as a rabbit you should not be curious and look around you. Focus on yourself. You have to curl into a ball. Don’t be afraid. From a defensive pose you propel yourself into a powerful bow. Fiercefull but never aggressive. No props just strength.

*Your vision becomes clear as you invert your body from the neck up, keeping your legs as straight as possible. You are a captivating candle designated to bring light for everyone. You are on your own but you cherish your solitude. It is no loneliness.

You are a candle in the wind and the wind plays softly with the flames, soothing different parts of the body. Work hard as a farmer using his plough for sowing seed but play harder. Have fun and imagine you are a cute little boat floating away. Just smile and shine



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