newsletter United Against Humantrafficking April 2015

United Against Human Trafficking


Community Spotlight


This month we are proud to shine the spotlight on a young community member who is raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking; his name is Kabir Samlal and he is 14 years-old. In 2013 Kabir became the International Yoga Asana Youth Champion. This allowed him to travel, attending yoga festivals and leading workshops in Europe and around the world. During this time, Kabir became aware of the issue of modern-day slavery and decided to raise awareness about human trafficking through yoga. Kabir currently lives in Houston and teaches Kids Yoga classes at Bikram Yoga Meyerland Plaza, owned by Ana Saldaña Thyagaraja.

A portion of the proceeds generated by Kabir’s classes are donated to United Against Human Trafficking. The Bikram Yoga Meyerland studio also sells postcards with drawings of some of Kabir’s poses (see picture, above); a portion of these sales are also donated to United Against Human Trafficking.

Kabir believes that more young people should be involved in the fight to end modern-day slavery, because so many kids are affected by this crime, world-wide. We are so grateful to people like Kabir and Ana who are raising awareness about this issue, in order to bring it to a halt. To learn more about Kabir and his story, click here.

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